Hello group, I found this forum after a search for the 2 key subjects in this discussion, and I have some information to share on this topic.

I personally stumbled onto this exact "cure" some 30 years ago now, and will verify that it worked for me. It began with a spot near my elbow that wouldn't stop itching, and bothered me for days. Long story short, I found that H2O2 to be the best substance to take care of the deep itching. It felt like it "scratched" the itch all the way down to my bone. Other spots developed over the years, and all met with the same fate using the H2O2 "cure".

I say "cure" because the technique I used resulted in the psoriasis never returning to the same spot again. It would always flare up in a different location, mostly the upper body with the arms being the main areas. At this time in life (mid 50s), I can say that a flare-up rarely occurs, and I can go 6 to 8 months without any "itchy spot". I honestly didn't know it was psoriasis until I did some research online several years ago - but the "cure" always worked, so I went on with life.

The technique I used is exactly as described in the other discussion (H2O2 on cotton ball), but with a time difference. I would rub the white spot and the nearby area (1 to 2 inch diameter) until the burning part of the treatment would fade down a good bit. It would begin by "scratching" the itch, then move into burning and sometimes even stinging severely, then would fade down to a slight, dull burn. If it does actually sting, get ready for a severe sting for 30 - 60 seconds or so - like it's dying a violent death of some sort.

This whole process would take anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes to achieve completely. The time varies due to whether it's in thick skin or thin skin (like above the eye-lids), and at what point it would stop growing in size or stop spreading. Often it would triple in size from the beginning, or other random-shaped spots would appear nearby too - requiring efforts. I had one episode take almost 3 hours of time to get fully dealt with, because the spread of the "white flesh" kept on growing/spreading.

Since H2O2 "wears out" in 4 or 5 minutes, it's important to keep applying fresh solution to the cotton ball. Sometimes rubbing, then holding it in place for a minute, back to rubbing - first one direction, then try another.

As mentioned, the affected area can scab over, and depending on how deep it goes, can take 2 weeks to heal up nicely, with a scar there for 2 or 3 months. Most the treated flare-ups will be much better in a week, and maybe a scar for 2 or 3 weeks. But the "itchies" never return to that area again, unless I try to rush it and short-cut the process.

Having said that, my face took 2 or 3 applications per area because I let it go for years before realizing it was the same stuff as I had on my arms. I thought it was eczema and kept it in check with hydrocortisone - which eventually couldn't control it anymore. So I braced for having an ugly face for several days after each treatment, and simply told co-workers what I was doing so they wouldn't think I was on meth!

The deeper, more severe spots will weep for a bit after the treatment, especially the face/scalp areas. The H2O2 will discolor hair on arms, eyebrows, and the head, because of the time it takes to apply properly. The most difficult spot I ever treated, was at the corner of my eye, next to my nose - that was attacked with a Q-tip/H2O2 and very careful attention to keep it out of my eye. And lastly, most of my "itchy" episodes would wake me up from sleeping, and I would lose an hour of precious rest to get it dealt with (or lie awake scratching).

I hope these insights may bring a little more clarity to this procedure for those of you willing to give it a try. As always, I make no guarantees as to the results YOU may get from following these guidelines - it's simply what worked for me. And today, I'm fairly free of the affliction, along with many areas it's never returned to, after being treated.