Hello guys, im new to this forum and also everything about aquaponics. i have read Oliver's guides and am now trying to make one small scale model, if it works i am trying to make a big one. i have been raising fish for 4 days and i bought:
1. Fish tank
2. Aerator
3. Water Pump
4. 16 cheap random koi (will change to either tilapia or catfish when going for the big scale aquaponics)
5. Cheap filter

So basically the water is pumped from the tank up to the small barrel, then the water passes thru the filter and with the helps of gravity continued below to the fish tank.
however the fish tank seems cloudy and smelled quiet a bit with few solid fish waste.
1.it could be the pump not big enough to suck out all the fish waste since the water isn't drawn to it like a strong pump would do.
2. It could be the bacteria not starting to grow yet ( i have bought nitrobacter starter and potassium hydroxide online but neither has arrive yet)
but the water PH is still 6 or 7 (im using reagent drop so exact number is out of queston). i also plan to remove this filter and put a biofilter / sump tank.

so i think maybe if i make a swirling fish tank that swirl downward, the fish waste would automatically flow out of the fish tank more effectively from the hole below ( that i have yet to make ). however i have concern, as will the fish die from the swirl? if this is no good, can anyone provide me with a link or write the solution here how can i effectively make the fish waste flow out of the fish tank.