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Psoriasis healing with hydrogen peroxide

While working as a family doctor I had a patient who refused to leave her home and had stayed there for many years so she could not be seen by other people, because her body was covered in huge, uncomfortable and chronically infected psoriasis patches.
She had been told methotrexate was her only hope medically, but this made her very ill and she refused to take it.

Her daughter was so concerned she had searched for and bought every alternative psoriasis treatment available for her mother.

Eventually she heard about hydrogen peroxide treatment and persuaded her mother to give it a go. Reluctantly since she was not so fed up and depressed having tried so many home remedies without success her mother took the hydrogen peroxide as instructed.

And within 3 weeks she was amazed and thrilled to report that her body was finally clear of the psoriasis she had suffered for so long.

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