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    Making your own fish food

    Hey Guys,

    My brother and I are on a mission to make our own fish food this year. Have any of you done this? If so, what is your recipe?

    We were thinking of milling the ingredients and then trying to bake the stuff. Any DiY pelletizers?

    We are growing some food like corn, beans and peas. We have access to a ton of spent brewers grains each week. We are breeding mealworms and red wigglers. We were also planning on using some asomite, rock dust and hydrolzed molasses. Would a combination of this stuff work?

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    I chop the vegetables then boil or steam them and let them cool.
    Then I put the boiled vegetables in the blender, add seafood and garlic then puree, add vitamin drops to it, make gelatine then add to the pureed mixture. I ended up transferring it to an ice cube tray and freezing it. I think it will be an easy, cheap, and nutritious food as well as fish's favorite food

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