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    Re: Making your own fish food

    you'll know if your fishfood is working if you get good growth from both fish and veggies!

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    Re: Making your own fish food

    Here's the machine you need for pelletization: ... ckages.asp

    We're looking to get one for this and other purposes (including poi making).

    Overall, are any of you able to make 100% of your fish feed without dipping into a purchased product as an input as part of your ration mix?

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    Re: Making your own fish food

    I use Azomite in my garden. Heard about it on youtube. Searched online to buy it, but shipping was outrageous. Found it at a nursery, under $30 for about 50 lbs. and that included their shipping costs. I'll be following this topic, as sooner or later, some more refined recipes are bound to show up including ingredients and quantities. I am curious about using spent brewing grains. I used to brew and when the grain was done with the sparge process, there was no sugars or taste to the clear water coming from the sparge tun. Is this used as strictly a filler to make volume? Thanks all! aquaally

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    A friend of mine rents a cabin next to a river for vacation time not far from where I live. We get to catch up a bit. His sons love fishing and after a few hours fishing had caught nothing. Dad called them over added a stiff shot whiskey to the dough and curry powder mix. The whiskey seemed to work, was a good thing the boys were taught catch and release. Loads of fish were caught and released that day. I am not proposing adding whiskey to the fish food was merely saying.

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    Have you tried fairy shrimp? They are very cheap, and also reproduce very fast. Their egg will (mostly) not hatch unless completely dried, and re-wet. This means they wont populate the fish tanks. There are some rare exceptions where they do lay "wet eggs" but its not enough to compete with hungry fish. I can get 1000 eggs for less than $10 online. Once your first colony takes off, in about 30 days you can harvest more than 1000 eggs. They sink to the bottom, so just drain the container and swish out the bottom to get the eggs. Dry, repeat.

    Its been feeding my minnow for less than a year now, with no horrible issues that I can spot.

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    I chop the vegetables then boil or steam them and let them cool.
    Then I put the boiled vegetables in the blender, add seafood and garlic then puree, add vitamin drops to it, make gelatine then add to the pureed mixture. I ended up transferring it to an ice cube tray and freezing it. I think it will be an easy, cheap, and nutritious food as well as fish's favorite food

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