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    1st post and live plant feeding

    So i have had a small aquaponic garden for about 4 months and it has been going great (i've already harvested green onions 3 times). I have 2 grow beds and about 30 gallons of water with 20 or so 3" talapia fingerlings (I haven't killed any fish or plants yet!) and i water manually twice a day.
    I feed my fish live plants mostly, every few days i snap a leafy branch off of a nearby bush in my yard and put it in the water removing the old branch. This gives my fish somewhere to hide and something to eat, I've been having good luck with this but i want to ramp up the scale and go to a 275 gallon container with larger grow beds. My question is will i be able to do this in the big container with lots of fish or have i just been lucky letting my little fish graze all day? I thought i'd ask here before i go experimenting because 200+ gallons won't be as easy to dump out and start over.

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    I'm thinking i can figure out my flow time from fish container to my grow bed max water level (bellvalve) so that it fills the sump and pumps back into the fish every half hour or so.
    Look at buy wheelbarrow this is awesome

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