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    Sustainable material for waterproofing the fish tank.

    I'm looking for a very sustainable material to make a waterproof fish tank. The structural part could be made of wood. But how to waterproof it? I don't like plastics because all the chemicals involved in the production of it and the possibility of leaking those into the fish tank. There are a few which I can think of, but they all have major disadvantages:
    - Glass, breakable, costs a lot of energy to produce
    - Lining with clay, probably not 100% waterproof, deteriorates the wood.
    - Painting with linseed oil, what does the oil do to the fish? Does the wood deteriorate?

    I am capable of doing a LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) in the end. But first I need some great ideas. Please help me in my search and I'll be happy to share my results with you!


    Arnold Boer

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    Re: Sustainable material for waterproofing the fish tank.

    Make a liner out of latex. Behold:

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