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    Anyone Know of Growing Aquaponics Companies?

    Helllllooooo everybody.

    I am living in Taos, NM in a cave like earthship structure with a big planter, bottle wall bathroom, rain catchment, and grey water bucket flush system. No need to burn coal or wood to keep me warm this winter - my room stays at about 60 degrees even when its below 0 outside. Its simple, and it works

    Looking to work in the field of Aquaponics and Greenhouse construction. Can't keep paying into more schooling however - must learn on the job. Anybody know of any growing companies in the US?

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    Re: Anyone Know of Growing Aquaponics Companies?

    Hi HappyCaveMan, welcome to the forum...
    Is your bottle wall bathroom, like the bottle house in Death Valley, where they used galss bottles in the wall, instead of bricks ? It looked neat and let in lots of light. info on any jobs...
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    Re: Anyone Know of Growing Aquaponics Companies?

    Greetings Earthling, and welcome to the addiction!

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