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    Re: Blue Nile Tilapia pricing

    That's the "destructo maximus" previously discussed.
    I just broke the bank putting two new garage doors up after years of them being broken in down position.
    Wife will kill me I punch a whole in them.
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    Re: Blue Nile Tilapia pricing

    If you are gonna buy a dado bade, buy a stacked set (Freud is a good brand). Don't buy the wobble kind.
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    Re: Blue Nile Tilapia pricing

    We always raised our Tilapia on a High-Protein/High Fat diet - worked for us!!

    We feed this food to our fish from fry to breeders. There are five sizes available for each stage of growth, so we have been seeing phenomenal results since starting our Tilapia on the AquaFarms feeding program. This fish food has the highest protein, highest fat content that we've ever seen, and it will work for all members of the family Cichlidae, of which Tilapia are a very important part. As well, it is used by the aquaculture community for Salmon, Trout, Bass, Perch, Crappie, Crayfish, Shrimp, Prawns, Carp (Goldfish) and on and on the list goes ..... any fish that requires a high-protein, high-fat diet!

    Our fry have gone from fry to juveniles in a matter of two weeks, our fingerlings have grown so fast it's almost as if you can see them get bigger and bigger as you watch them day-by-day. If you are culturing fish for your family and friends and want to avoid the drugs, steroids, hormones, and GMO'ed foods, then you need to check out this fish food!
    From one of my two old websites-
    Jims Fish and AquaFarms Fish Food
    NOTE: I sold out and to my knowledge, he's not in business anymore
    - not an advertisement, just pointing you to some info on feeding, etc.
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