Aquaponic system locations from around the world

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The Aquaponics Map is a map of Backyard Aquaponics System locations throughout the world. The purpose of the Aquaponics Map is to make it easy for Aquapionic enthusiasts to locate each other in order to meet-up and exchange ideas.

To view the map, click on the state from the available options on the left hand side. If a state is not currently listed, it means that we do not have any aquaponics systems listed in that state yet.

To protect peoples privacy, we recommend that locations don't contain a street name, simply suburb/state/country.

In the description of each location you should find contact details for that person. Nicknames at discussion forums or e-mail addresses are generally used. If a nickname at a forum is used, to contact that person, log onto the forum and send the person a PM (personal message). The popular Aquaponics discussion forums are Aquaponics HQ and Backyard Aquaponics in Australia and DIY Aquaponics in the USA.
Feel free to add your location to wild's Aquaponcs Map. You should soon be seeing Montana there, I think, and maybe others .... this gives everyone an opportunity to see who is near by as time goes on.

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