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16 NOTE: - Any member who wishes to make a post about a specific topic which is a non-AP topic, may ONLY make such post in the Sump ..... if it is deemed by the administrator/mods to be offensive in any way, be it sexually suggestive, racially injurious, trolling, flame-baiting, political or religious in nature, it will be removed.

The Sump was created to address your personal non-aquaponics rants, discussions etc.

Sump - "This space is provided for non-aquaponics/hydroponics discussions - like if you want to wish someone a happy anniversary or birthdays, rant about your latest run in with your favorite government bureaucrat, ask someone how to change the transmission in your car (j/k), or any other non-serious aquaponics discussions."
Quote Originally Posted by Rule #15
Politics and Religious subjects are usually best avoided in an online Aquaponics forum because you are not going to change someone's mind on these subjects using the internet. Heated discussions about politics or religion may lead to hard feelings and eventual flaming, which could very well lead to moderating, thread locking, warning(s) and/or banning. The decisions of the Administrator and/or Moderators will be final ..... there will be no appeals
Emphasis added!

Flame wars will be prevented by the administrators/moderators by banning the perpetrator(s) and/or removing offensive posts.

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