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    Re: Do I Really Need a Heater??

    thanks to all for replying. My system has been running smoothly for a month fairly uneventfully. The water won't get cold enough for icing, and I have been running the system on a bunch of cheap (like 20 cents) goldfish sold as feed for other fish. Only two have died, and one seemed like an airbladder complication. Thinking the catfish will be fine without the heater, but i got one just in case.
    Thanks to all again

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    Re: Do I Really Need a Heater??

    My catfish stay outside year round here in North Texas. With that said, when checking temps pay attention to water temps, not air temps. Water here is typically about 7-10 degrees cooler than air temps when looking at lows. Deep, slow moving water holds heat longer than fast moving shallow water. Heater may not be a bad idea, even if a small one...even if not needed. Higher temp means higher metabolism, which means faster growth and feed coversion. Also increases possibility of breeding. But it does decrease DO. I guess whether or not you need a heater depends a lot more on how big your water volume is, in the ground or above ground, indoor/outdoor, etc. big your cats are, as little ones are more sensitive than older. However, I have fished cats out from under ice on the St Lawrence river in NY and they were plenty live till I ate em. So, I think lower temps would just slow them down, and slow down consumption of food. Ice doesn't seem to be a problem, as long as not completly frozen over. DO is a big issue. If not a lot of water, try bullhead. Best of luck.
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    Re: Do I Really Need a Heater??

    Hello everyone...Great to read this thread.

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    Re: Do I Really Need a Heater??

    I have debated using a heater (Southwest Ohio) versus turning loose the tank fish into our stocked pond, then starting over in spring with a new batch in the tank. I have a fish hatchery just around the corner from where I live, so plan to discuss the matter with them. Short of heating the whole greenhouse, there probably aren't many plants I can grow during the winter anyway, so I'm still working on this question.

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    Re: Do I Really Need a Heater??

    There are many ways that have been discussed on this forum for heating a greenhouse and continue growing....Dont give up....
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