All the info I read on BSF (Black Soldier Flies - Hermetia illucens) says that they will eat and process any kind of manure (some say the only exception is bovine and horse). Eventually, I intend to get some larvae (sold on the internet as "Phoenix Worms"), and try them out on cow dung. There are a lot of ranches hereabouts, so I think I could possibly get as much as I want for free . I read somewhere's, that you first turn all your garbage over to the BSFL, and after they get through with it, you turn the redworms loose on it and they finish processing it. From what I read a couple of places, they can reduce a 100 lb. pile of pig/goat/sheep/goose/duck/chicken dung and/or restaurant garbage to about 5 lbs. of castings in one day. Now, that's a load of crap, if you don't mind my saying so ...... I've definitely got to get some BSFL!