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03-04-2009, 03:16 PM
Here's just a mustard seed of what we are up against when it comes to being able to produce safe food...not to say that the company in the video is doing otherwise, it's just placed here for effect to show the size of the Corporate World.


Take a look at how they prune and tie up the plants to give them more air flow through the leaves to reduce pests, fungus etc. They have really got it going on, that's for sure.

We can to even if it is on a smaller scale. Can you imagine how many pounds of Tilapia they could produce if they would only incorporated Aquaponics into that operation instead of straight hyroponics, not to mention the savings in chemical fertilizers. :o :mrgreen:

03-04-2009, 04:06 PM
We have a popular food market business down the road, it was a small family business at one time now they are in 4 towns and growing. People from Chicago drive up here just to shop at this place. In the spring it is the place to be for your gardens,birds fruits and just about any veggie you can ask for and most of this runs 365 with baskets of apples and things you can pick up and put in a cart and shop some more...yea it's a neat place.

One day I saw the owner (He has a home here but also a home in "Mexico") and has a home in Mexico because most of the back room help is from there, and where do you think the tomatoes and thousands of other items come from? No not USA..it comes from Mexico and the rest comes from Canada! So I did some research and I discovered almost 80% of ALL vegetables America eats come from imported trains and trucks and planes. We can not grow enough tomatoes to supply the demand so it is imported.

Anyway I saw the owner (I know him informally) and said "he I built a hydroponic garden". He smiled and paused and lean over and said "yea that's nice you should see the ones they have in Canada" and he winked. I know he flies allot to Canada and other places now I know why.

He buys his tomatoes that we living in USA purchase from Canada? I thought why can't we grow them here? What in the world is wrong and here I live in Michigan which is an AG state? What about all the other states?

The fact and "truth" is the American people now depend on food not only made by industries but food that is "imported".

Now think about this for a second if you wanted to CONTROL the USA or TERRORIZE the USA what easier way to do it than to say "we are cutting you off". They have been preaching terror for 7 years in D.C. and not ONCE have I heard ANYONE talk about "alternatives to growing food" all they ever said was "they might try to contaminate our supplies"....WHAT SUPPLIES?????

Oh well what do I know..well I know how to grow food with fish and rocks..geee :roll:

03-04-2009, 09:37 PM
;) ;) no comment, I'd have to get off my soapbox before "they" came and got me ;)

03-05-2009, 08:28 AM
For the time being, the USA is the leading supplier of corn and grain to the rest of the world. When food trade wars start to heat up, they get squashed fast. This is sort of muchually assured destruction sort of thing. We can live without fresh produce a heck of a lot longer than they can live without corn and wheat.

Quality is the real issue, as well as food safety. Canada is a leader in hydroponic food because it has to be. They have short growing seasons and cold winters. Much of the US can grow what it wants. Due to labor costs we don't. It is all about price.

I think food contamination will drive food production back home more than most things, but the US producers are shooting themselves in the food, like the recent peanut problems. Home grown food will find a resurgance in the next few years as a result.