View Full Version : The role of HDPE antiseepage membrane

11-30-2018, 02:27 AM
HDPE antiseepage high swelling and high water absorbing capacity, while wet permeable function is low,primary anti-seepage effect, because of excellent quality, reasonable price,waste landfill anti-seepage film price, used in various fields for a long time, today small make up for everyone to explain this hdpe smooth geomembrane (http://www.wslgeosynthetics.com/category-smooth-geomembrane-16393.html) used in civil engineering.

HDPE antiseepage membrane is a kind of environmentally friendly materials, for impervious hdpe liner supplier (http://www.wslgeosynthetics.com/product-2-0mm-smooth-hdpe-geomembrane-22718.html) membrane laying problem in the basement, also same to grasp to understand its laying requirements: Geotechnical material floor mat layer location and structure of wall body USES 1:3 cement mortar screed-coat, cement strength grade not less than 32.5, the dial should be flat, clean, do not allow empty drum, loose, the phenomenon such as sand and hat. Structure of the vertical wall dial in when making the leveling layer, besmear brushs a first interface management agent, avoid empty drum and leveling layer cracking.

Maintain permanent wall panel with 1:3 cement mortar screed-coat.Anti-seepage film should do first and strengthen management, coil in the bottom plane for permanent maintenance shop is stuck to the wall, and will jilt crop coil retains in permission and maintenance on the wall, to do maintenance layer in a timely manner.