View Full Version : Cost Estimating a Aquaponic Demonstration Project

06-19-2013, 09:33 AM
Hello all,
I'm a Landscape Architect in Georgia and working with a local municipality in creating a urban farm/demonstration aquaculture + aquaponic system(s). We are early in the design process and working on getting conceptual budgets assembled. Currently there is an aquaculture tank (approx 31,000 gallons) and 'greenhouse' (approx 850 sqft) that will contain the aquaponics. Being new to this, I've been researching and there seems to be a wide range of equipment, processes and theories on operations/ equipment, especially when between a residential scale but below a large farm scale.

For now, I trying to understand a good dollar cost to recommend for each system and then work out the details of the system once further into the design process.

Can anyone provide me with thoughts for a ballpark type dollar value for 1) aquaculture system (should include all automated filtration, automated feeders, and whatever else is typical with such systems - not including tank) + 2) ballpark type dollar value for aquaponic system (should include automated filtration, automated feeders, tanks, plumbing and whatever else is typical with such systems)?

I can find values for per lbs of fish for operations, but haven't found any values for startup equipment costs. At this point my uneducated guess is $75k for the aquaculture system and $50k for the aquaponic system.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

06-19-2013, 05:53 PM