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uma kondeti
02-13-2013, 02:39 PM
I am uma kondeti. To introduce myself, I managed to earn my PhD in Fishery Sciences and Aquaculture from India. Presently I am enjoying with my husband and two lovely kids in US (Herndon,Virginia). But my zeal towards in aquaculture is growing endlessly within me. So I am planning to step into tilapia culture, to begin with on a very small scale basis.
It would be of a great help to me, if you can share your valuable experience by giving me a couple of tips/suggestions.

In this regard, I have a couple of questions/concerns:

1. Would like to know how much land (or backyard) would be needed for initial startup (at a very min/small scale).

2. Market demand and general/usual buyer requirements for Tilapia.

3. Initial capital (for infrastructure) and on-going expenditure (like food etc.).

4. Licensing & Permits in VA.

You can please email me your valuable tips and suggestions to mahe(-dot-)aqua@gmail.com

Uma kondeti

02-26-2013, 07:11 PM
Welcome to the forum and obsession.

When you say aquaculture, are you planning on using plants and growbeds as your filters... If so, this is actually called aquaponics and is a totally different ball game.

1. What size system are you thinking of building? Fishtank size? Growbeds/filters size? How many fish/veggies would you like to raise?
2. What type of fish and or veggies are you planning on growing?
3. Back to what size system are you thinking and would you be doing all the labor, or need to sub it out. Would you scrap it together with cheap items, or want it custom built to look nice and impress the neighbors? Do you want to feed your fish a more natural diet, or just commercial feed?
4. Also depends on if you want to sell veggies as well. Would you be cleaning the fish, or selling them live.

Lots of things to think about. As far as emailing any suggestions, we prefer to share inside the forum for all to see and benefit from.