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    Integrating aquaponics

    Hi all,

    im just starting an aquaponics system to allow me to bring my tilapia and gardening indoors for the winter. My system design will be a bit less traditional as I hope to include decor issues in its execution.

    Currently, I have 55 tilapia growing in my garden pond. I purchased the fingerlings and introduced them on June 3rd. They initially seemed to accept the pond, but I spent three days thinking I'd lost all of them even though I could find no bodies. I emptied the plants from the pond looking for them and even searched my bio filter thinking they might have gotten in and were unable to get out. Finally I caught sight of a few of the stealthy guys. Even now, they are hard to see if the water is not calm.
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    Integrating Aquaponics

    I'm making a foray into aquaponics to meld my hobbies of gardening and cooking. I've had multiple types of aquariums and ponds, including a very successful reef aquarium over the years, but never tried to integrate all the interests.

    I was recently challenged by my youngest daughter to "do more" to make our little condo plot more efficient, so I added tilapia to my garden pond instead of goldfish this year. The little guys made themselves at home, then disappeared. Although I emptied all the plants from the pond and searched my bio filter, I couldn't find any sign they were ever in the pond. (I'm glad I took a pre-release picture or I might have doubted it myself.)

    After three days I caught a flicker... All my fingerlings were in there. The are very quick, stealthy, and camouflaged. Not at all like the pics and videos I'd seen on line. Now they are about 4-5" with a couple of 6-7" guys. All pure strain blues.

    Im working on the design for an aquaponics system so I can bring them inside for the winter to finish bringing them to harvest size. Im very used to bringing in some of the garden, but putting them together is far more complex. I appreciate this site and it wealth of info.

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    Welcome to our community. The fingerlings do tend to blend in when looking straight down on them, but if you end up going with a fish tank, you should have problems seeing them. They are crafty thought and tasty.


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    Nice, I like your little pond.

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