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Thread: Media Problems?

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    Media Problems?

    hello everyone!

    So I decided to start eating healthy and wanted to do my own aquaponics and I have a problem with going big or going home.

    So I have had my stem running for about 3 months now, Havent had much problem with my fish I have 100+ perch have lost just 2 about a week ago they were much smaller then the rest going to hope that was just natural coarse. But I have about a 1500 gallon pool with a 4x8 media bed using lavarocks. I have 3 270w LED grow lights. My plants started really slow and continue to not grow well or die off. Only thing that is doing well is lettuce and strawberry. Although the strawberry grow in weird shapes. Pumpkins, Watermelon, broccoli and peppers have all died off. The tomato plants I planted 3 months ago are about 1' Tall and starting to die. When my lettuce touches the lava rocks they seem to rot or decay and same with my strawberries.

    I am including some pictures if anyone has any ideas on what I could improve that would be awesome!

    Thank you
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    Re: Media Problems?

    Is it a flood & drain system? If so, you might need a longer cycle - most references seem to go with 15 minutes. I was at a university aquaponics farm this fall, and they figured that it's not necessarily wet roots that causes the stems to decay, but a lack of O2. They pump pure O2 into thier systems and EVERYTHING grows like mad!! Doesn't matter if it's in F&D, DWC, Constant Flow - pure O2 does the trick!

    Of course, most of us don't have the resources to run pure O2, so we have to do what we can to increase O2. 15 minute cycle in the F&D GB, aeration in the FT, etc.

    With the leaves and fruit rotting when it's in contact with the rock makes me suspect the water is coming quite close to the top. You may need to add another layer (1/4-1/2"); however, it may also correct itself with a longer cycle.
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    Re: Media Problems?

    Hi pistol, Your system is still pretty new.
    Plants like tomatoes and peppers are nute hogs. You might stick to non-fruiting plants, for a little while, till your system matures.

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    Re: Media Problems?

    Welcom to the forum. Sorry to hear you are having problems from the get-go. How big are you fish? Maybe they are not producing sufficient waste to power your bio-filter to it's needed capacity for the plants. It's difficult to say more without a detailed description of your system and it's operation.
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    Re: Media Problems?

    Welcome, glad that you have joined us. May your journey bring you the knowledge that you seek, put a smile up on your face, create hours of pleasure to stimulate your mind, an a healthier life style for your heart...from Apollo__Phoenix, Arizona.

    I was wondering what your water readings were? I started with 40 Pink Tilapia's about 1 inch long, I have 2 large GB's and my FT is 7' X 7' @ 32" deep. It took my system 45 days to get my Nitrates up to 60 ppm.

    If you want to view my set up from start to now, check out “Fire Pit … AP” then “Pipe Siphon by Apollo” and ending with "Got Vertigrow?".


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