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Aquaponic Lettuce

Loose Leaf Lettuce

Fresh aquaponically grown lettuce demands higher prices than that which is field grown. And in some cases aquaponic lettuce can be harvested more quickly: in summer, within 4 to 6 weeks; in winter, within 10 to 12 weeks. The Japanese use extra lighting and make it happen faster. The extra cost of lighting might come in handy during the winter when, if you can get a crop to market sooner, you can gain more profit.

Some suggested lettuce varieties are: Bibb, Red Leaf or Oak Leaf, Ostinata, Black Seeded Simpson, Columbus, Vasco, Pinto, Marbello. Head lettuce isn’t profitable – not yet. It takes too long to form a suitable head. Lettuce can be grown in gravel beds or on horticultural rockwool slabs (about 30 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches).  However, NFT methods have been used with great success throughout the world.


Lettuce can be package in separate open plastic bags but packaging in plastic boxes as seen the the yourtube video above with the roots attached seems to be the best as the roots on packaging gives the lettuce longer shelf life which is very important since LETTUCE STORES VERY POORLY – HAVE A READY MARKET FOR IT! Even refrigeration doesn’t help in most cases.

Just imagine how your freshly picked lettuce will taste when compared to that brought by refrigerated trucks from 1,000 to 2,000 miles away! Some of those growers have to keep lettuce cool for as long as a week!What can they do? If they don’t have a ready market, they must refrigerate. Here is where you save money and make your operation more successful: set up your marketing so well that you won’t have to refrigerate. IT CAN BE DONE AND IS BEING DONE! Lettuce can also be harvested cube, root and all. This usually convinces the customer that you are running a clean operation.

For a short education in lettuce production, register onwww.youtube.com in order to hear the audio of the eye opening video about growing lettuce.  True, they are growing it hydroponically in the video, however a similar commercial system could be set up using aquatic animals in a high density setup.

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