The Ideal Fish for Aquaponics

Although there is no “perfect” fish for Aquaponics, when making your selection you should look for the attributes.  The fish you choose  should have the most desirable biological and economic attributes when you are selecting the best fish for Aquaponics.

Just a few of the things for you to consider about a particular fish’s requirements are:-

a) water temperature;
b) water quality;
c) amount of space required and amount of room you can provide;

Additionally your chosen fish species should:-

1. be capable of reproducing in captivity;
2. produce numerous and hardy eggs and young;
3. have well-known culture requirements;
4. be adaptable to many types of culture systems;
5. be adaptable to multi-species farming (polyculture);
6. exhibit rapid growth to a large maximum size;
7. readily adapt to artificial feeds;
8. be tolerant of crowding and high density conditions;
9. exhibit high survival (low mortality) rates;
10. be easy to handle, harvest, and transport;
11. be resistant to disease and parasite infestations;
12. not be cannibalistic or territorial;
13. be readily available as eggs, fingerlings, and adults;
14. have a high market demand;
15. exhibit high feed conversion rates;
16. have good dress-out weight values;
17. have a long shelf life;
18. be easy to process;
19. have a healthy appearance and color;
20. have good eating qualities;

Once you have evaluated your situation thoroughly and understand what is required, you can then make a intelligent choice.


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