Constant Flow System

The Aquaponic Constant Flow system below shows a single grow bed designed for using without a grow medium.  These beds are flooded to an approximate depth of 12 inches and flowing continuously from and to the fish tank.  The plants are secured in a floating platform with the roots extending directly into the water.  With this system, you need to make sure the water is properly aerated to give the plants sufficient oxygen to the roots.

aquaponic flow singles

aquaponic flow singles

To see this system at work in a vast commercial system where
they are raising lettuce and bringing in the BIG BUCKS, Click Here

You will have to be a registered member of in order to hear the audio of this link, but it is well worth the effort to actually see and hear how such an operation functions.  Of course, I should mention here that this operation isn’t a true aquaponic system since they don’t raise fish in addition to the lettuce, but close your eyes for a moment and just imagine the amount of Tilapia that could be produced with such a grow bed area as this to clean the water.

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